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Every day, operators around the world are partnering with John Crane to accelerate their net zero progress. View our new eBook for our insights into critical energy transition challenges — and key opportunities for powering our industry’s sustainable future.

16%+ in energy efficiency investment

In 2022, yet progress must double to achieve net zero goals

$30 billion in oil & gas revenue losses

Could be avoided each year through methane mitigation

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John Crane delivers market-ready solutions with pioneering spirit, empowering our customers to shape their new energy reality today. Learn more about our vision for powering sustainability.

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The energy transition is an opportunity to build our industry’s sustainable future. But with change also comes risk — and that makes the right partner paramount. In our latest eBook, John Crane’s experts share insights to help you weigh the risks and opportunities of energy efficiency, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions mitigation, renewable hydrogen and carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS). 

Download “Balancing Risks and Opportunities in the Energy Transition” now to discover:

  • Key opportunities for organizations ready to enhance energy efficiency
  • The size of the methane problem — and the rise of abatement solutions that deliver quick, quantifiable sustainability improvements
  • Barriers and progress in scaling the renewable hydrogen ecosystem
  • How innovation is helping operators overcome the challenges of scaling CCUS deployment
At John Crane, we help you navigate the new energy landscape so that you can achieve a net zero future without ever sacrificing reliability. Whether you’re looking to decarbonize existing operations or accelerate new energy deployment, our latest eBook is filled with must-read insights to help you shape your new energy reality. Download it today and contact our experts to accelerate your progress today.

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Whether your organization is focused on reducing overall emissions or transitioning to renewable energy, it can be challenging to balance risk with opportunity. Download our eBook to explore expert insights on this mission-critical topic.