Enabling CCUS Progress Worldwide 

Every day, our solutions actively enable carbon capture operations around the globe. Download our interactive brochure for an engaging overview of these market-ready CCUS innovations. 

Approximately 80% of the world's CO2 injected underground
utilizes John Crane dry gas seals

Shape Your New Energy Reality

John Crane delivers market-ready solutions with pioneering spirit, empowering our customers to shape their new energy reality today. Learn more about our vision for powering sustainability, which includes the critical challenge of accelerating and scaling the CCUS value chain.

An Interactive Glimpse at CCUS Innovation

John Crane’s market-ready CCUS solutions deliver unmatched capabilities in compression, pumping and filtration. Explore our interactive brochure to see how these solutions power sustainability for mission-critical operations across the globe.

In this brochure, you’ll find:

  • A visual overview of the CCUS value chain and how John Crane strengthens every link
  • A guide to John Crane’s innovations for CCUS compression, pumping and filtration
  • Project spotlights from two organizations using our solutions to accelerate their CCUS initiatives

With the largest global installed base of dry gas seals in CO2 sequestration and EOR, and CO2 pipeline pumping, John Crane is the clear market leader in CCUS sealing solutions. Download our interactive brochure and contact us today to accelerate your decarbonization progress with our CCUS pioneers. 

Explore John Crane’s Market-Ready CCUS Solutions

Powered by nearly three decades of CCUS expertise, John Crane delivers reliable, market-ready carbon capture solutions. Download our interactive brochure to learn more.