If You’re Considering CCUS, This Case Study is For You

Since our first CCUS application three decades ago, we’ve installed more than 1,000 gas seals and panels to CO2 and related applications. Read our case study now to see how this legacy of innovation helps our customers scale new markets in carbon capture.

Approximately 80% of the world’s CO2 injected underground
utilizes John Crane dry gas seals

Shape Your New Energy Reality

John Crane delivers market-ready solutions with pioneering spirit, empowering our customers to shape their new energy reality today. Learn more about our vision for powering sustainability, which includes the critical challenge of scaling up CCUS initiatives.

A Case Study in CO2 Innovation

To keep up with rising domestic and international demands, a fertilizer producer needed to update its aging production plant. A leading compressor manufacturer partnered with John Crane to offer the plant a CO2 compressor that included time-tested dry gas seals. Download the case study now to explore how our customized dry gas seals:

  • Enabled the plant to increase overall urea output to 3,000+ tons daily and 1 million tons annually
  • Prevented CO2 leakage into the atmosphere by utilizing a custom dynamic contactless dry gas seal design
  • Helped the OEM effectively expand the market for its eight-stage CO2 compressor

At John Crane, we partner with operators and OEMs alike to scale and accelerate CCUS initiatives. Read our case study now and contact our experts for innovative solutions that power your sustainability.

Discover the Benefits of Dry Gas Seals for CO2 Applications

John Crane is committed to supporting CCUS initiatives around the globe. Download our case study now to see this commitment in action for a leading compressor manufacturer and its fertilizer plant client.