Achieve Your Net Zero Goals With John Crane 

Every day, mission-critical operators trust John Crane’s sealing solutions to curb emissions. Download our solution spotlight now to explore how our SGR system can help you achieve your emissions reduction targets. 

Millions of tonnes of methane and other greenhouse gases (GHG)

Prevented from being released into the atmosphere through our advanced sealing technologies

Shape Your New Energy Reality

With the SGR system, our customers are reducing GHG emissions while simultaneously recovering valuable process gas to be diverted to more productive purposes. Learn more about the benefits of the innovative, market-ready technology.

A Spotlight on Emissions Reduction Innovation

Amid all the challenges of the energy transition, few require more urgent attention than emissions from non-emergency flaring. By capturing leaked gas and making it available for other purposes, John Crane’s SGR system equips operators to achieve mission-critical goals: 

  • Reduce CO2 and methane emissions from flaring
  • Comply with the latest environmental regulations
  • Improve overall operational efficiency
  • Reduce product loss by diverting process gas to other purposes

At John Crane, we’re proud to deliver market-ready innovations that accelerate net zero progress. Learn more about the benefits of our SGR system and contact our experts for more proven emissions reduction solutions.

Overcome the Flaring Emissions Challenge Today

Emissions from flaring are a mission-critical challenge, but our market-ready solutions are equipped to help you make progress today. Explore how John Crane’s SGR system can accelerate your emissions reduction.