Contribute to Our Industry’s Measurable Methane Progress

Every day, mission-critical operators are using innovative sealing solutions to reduce GHG emissions, including methane. Download our methane white paper to tackle your operation’s methane emissions for good.

278,000 tonnes of CO2
Saved over the last 10 years through John Crane’s dry gas seal

Shape Your New Energy Reality

John Crane delivers market-ready solutions with pioneering spirit, empowering our customers to shape their new energy reality today. Learn more about our vision for powering sustainability, which includes the critical challenge of curbing methane emissions.

Discover Practical Solutions for Methane Mitigation.

The energy sector’s decarbonization progress will hinge upon its ability to reduce GHG emissions. Chief among these gases is methane, which has contributed approximately 20% of the global temperature increase since the Industrial Revolution and accounts for roughly 30% of overall GHG emissions. In “Sealing Solutions: Fueling Net Zero Progress by Curbing Methane Emissions,” our experts outline the urgent need for methane mitigation and share our proven, practical approach to reducing these harmful emissions across the energy sector.

Download our white paper now to discover three solutions that are helping customers curb methane emissions and enhance efficiency, including:
  • Dry Gas Seal technology that minimizes methane leaks while boosting compressor reliability
  • Seal Gas Recovery technology that reduces dynamic emissions when there is access to high-pressure motive fluid and recovers valuable process gas 
  • Asset Management Solutions that enable mitigation plans for reducing overall emissions across a factory’s asset base while maintaining reliability and safety
At John Crane, our mission is to reduce methane emissions across the oil and gas sector and other process industries. We believe this can be achieved by helping our customers identify the source of methane emissions and providing effective solutions that reduce or eliminate those emissions while maximizing efficiency. Read our white paper now to explore how this approach is delivering progress for mission-critical operations like yours. 

Get Proven Solutions for Reducing Methane Emissions

By partnering with John Crane, energy and process industry organizations are curbing methane emissions while enhancing reliability. Download our white paper now to discover the market-ready solutions powering progress in this mission-critical challenge.