Contribute to Our Industry’s Carbon Capture Progress

Every day, mission-critical operators trust John Crane’s sealing solutions to enable their CCUS initiatives. Download our case study now to experience John Crane’s innovation in action at the world’s first supercritical CO2 (sCO2) power cycle plant.

Approximately 80%
of the world’s CCUS sites with carbon dioxide injected underground utilize John Crane dry gas seals

Shape Your New Energy Reality

John Crane delivers market-ready solutions with pioneering spirit, empowering our customers to shape their new energy reality today. Learn more about our vision for powering sustainability, which includes the critical challenge of scaling and accelerating CCUS deployment.

A Case Study in Supercritical CO2 Innovation

When a customer required a compressor solution for a semi-closed cycle utilizing CO2 as a working fluid, John Crane was selected to deliver a proven sealing solution. Download the case study now to explore how the right sealing solution helped our client:
  • Address rotor dynamic challenges and center of gravity requirements via a lightweight dry gas seal design
  • Achieve peak safety and reliability amid pressures of up to 178 bar and temperatures reaching 204°C
  • Deliver power reliably into the Texas grid while developing a larger site overseas based on the success of this pilot
  • Validate the effectiveness of sCO2 as a working fluid in a power cycle
At John Crane, we are experts at engineering sealing solutions for challenging applications, including those presented by our client’s sCO2 power cycle plant. Read the full case study now and contact our experts for innovative solutions that accelerate your CCUS progress.

Discover the Innovation that Helped Validate sCO2 as a Power Cycle Working Fluid

By partnering with John Crane, energy and process industry organizations are achieving mission-critical decarbonization goals today. Download our case study now to discover how our innovative solutions accelerated progress for one CCUS pioneer.